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Coracles on the Taff

To celebrate the fact that very few coracles have been on the Taff in two hundred years, the Cwmni Da television production company came down this week from Caernarfon to film our coracles on the Taff at Bute Park. Chris Powell, who is the brains behind actually building the coracles said, “It was great to see them really floating and being manoeuvred not only by Dylan Jones, who is the secretary of the Coracle Society but also by Meinir Gwilym from the television company, who has never even sat in one before.”

We are still building more coracles and hope to organise some races on the Taff later on in the year. Let us know if you’d like to be involved.

Walking Around the Taff

We are planning a series of walks that will start at the source of the Taff, led by Martin Rees, who volunteers for the National Trust in the Brecon Beacons and other seasoned walkers like Gary Richards will be leading walks coming down the valley.

<img src=" majority of the students were French and sang most of the way around the walk. They were amazed at the beauty and grandeur of the scenery, as were the British students who attended the walk. Hopefully Ray can lead this walk again in the spring.

Get in touch if you are interested in doing one of our walks.

Simon Bradwick, Paul Barrett, and Martin Rees.

Bute Park Bat Walk

The Cardiff Bat Group are organising a walk in Bute Park this Friday (18.09) at 19.00. It’s free to attend – meet at the National Express office in Sophia Gardens.

For more information, contact:

The Big (river) Jump

On the day the weather was not good – in fact it rained – but the rain was warm and so was the River Taff and the experience was unforgettable. Although I had walked and cycled beside the Taff for many years, I had never swum in it before. 

At Radyr Weir the river is wide but shallow enough not to feel threatened and the weir is spectacular.  

Paul Kent was the man who led us in and down to the weir where we sat and watched as he, Kate and Maria used the weir as a huge water flume to shoot the rapids on their backs into the lower level.

For people, like me, who have never swum in the Taff, Radyr Weir is definitely the place to do it. I have swum in rivers around the world and the Taff ranks with the best of them. We are definitely not going to wait another year to do this again.

Paul Barrett


Make The Docks Safe To Swim In

I grew up close to the river Ystwyth, near Llanilar, and I knew every place to play. All the streams, rivers, paths, roads, fields, and woodlands. 

A few miles cycling to get sweets or visit friends in Trawsgoed was not uncommon, sometimes twice a day. 

We often visited the river’s banks – it wasn’t deep enough to have a swim but it was still a fun place to be. A feature of the area, of growing up, that was very important. When older I would visit the Rheidol on a hot day for a swim, or visit the beach and brave a swim in the cold sea. There will always be a danger near water, a risk, but I think we were sensible enough.

BBC reports that South Wales Police have issued a warning – “Keep out of the docks”.

It’s such a shame to read this.  

“Our message to youngsters is simple: ‘If you want to go for a swim, then go to the swimming baths where the environment is organised and safe. And keep out of the docks.’“ 

Insp Tony Williams, of South Wales Police

They are correct with their warning. The docks are not a safe place to swim. We don’t quite know why, this isn’t an evidence based warning. But we know that the docks are not looked after in a way for people to enjoy them. Anything could be lurking under the water’s surface. They haven’t been cleaned for a while, and they don’t have much access. The water may be a little stinky too.

It would be great to see young people in the Taff valley have the same connection with their local rivers, or waterways, that I did when growing up. Connecting with your local environment is an important factor for fulfillment – which is important at any age. The person diving in the Bay had the correct attitude. We shouldn’t criticise their desire to connect and play in their local environment.


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Pedal Power

Situated in beautiful parkland beside the River Taff and a short distance from the Taff Trail.

Pedal Power helps people of all ages and abilities to learn how to cycle and benefit from this wonderful form of transport. Pedal Power has a wide range of specialist bikes with support workers, as well as ordinary bikes for hire.  

Everyone is welcome.

The Big Jump 12.07.15

The Big Jump is a campaign across Europe aimed at improving river quality. We’ll all be celebrating our rivers by swimming in them simultaneously. All swims will happen on Sunday 12.0715 at 14.00 BST.