On the day the weather was not good – in fact it rained – but the rain was warm and so was the River Taff and the experience was unforgettable. Although I had walked and cycled beside the Taff for many years, I had never swum in it before. 

At Radyr Weir the river is wide but shallow enough not to feel threatened and the weir is spectacular.  

Paul Kent was the man who led us in and down to the weir where we sat and watched as he, Kate and Maria used the weir as a huge water flume to shoot the rapids on their backs into the lower level.

For people, like me, who have never swum in the Taff, Radyr Weir is definitely the place to do it. I have swum in rivers around the world and the Taff ranks with the best of them. We are definitely not going to wait another year to do this again.

Paul Barrett