We’re looking to use our blog as way to show the different things that are happening, or people’s stories, along the river. In this post, we introduce Paul (who makes guitars) and Dan (who repairs and maintains guitars) – they are both based in Cardiff.

Were you aware that there is a man who lives a short distance from the Taff and who makes some of the best guitars in the world? In a large workshop at the bottom of his garden Paul Beauchamp works on his own to create a range of much sought-after guitars and ukuleles. It takes Paul approximately a month to build a guitar and practically everything is done by hand.

“Mostly professional classical guitarists buy my guitars,” explains Paul. “It’s word of mouth that sells most of my instruments and I have clients all over the world. When I started making guitars there was a lot of emphasis on the American way of making them by using a machine to carry out nearly all of the tasks. But today I think that professionals appreciate the personal hand-made approach.”


Dan Alport has studied popular music to degree level at the University of South Wales and besides being a wonderful player of styles ranging from gypsy jazz to the blues, Dan has also trained in guitar maintenance and is working with some of the top rock groups in Britain to ensure that their guitars are in tip top condition..

“I work on guitars in my workshop at home but am also available for call-outs if something goes wrong in the studio or in a concert,”says Dan. “I have been given some amazing guitars to maintain. To start off with I was almost too frightened to touch them. But when I get them to sound right once again it feels like a dream.”

Dan is based in Pontcanna and can be contacted on 07758482622