We could continue as if nothing has happened in the Taff Valley but that would be wrong and foolish. We need to talk to people who live in the vicinity of the river and who have experienced what has happened over the past three months - from Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, through the devastating floods that wreaked havoc in towns like Pontypridd, to the Covid-19 pandemic, whose effects we suffer along with the rest of the world.

If you have photos that you can share with us and if you are able to interview people who have experienced any of the recent events first-hand, please get in touch and we will put them up on our web site. The national media seldom gives any prominence to what happens in this part of the world but we feel that our experiences are as valid as anywhere else in the United Kingdom - or the rest of the world.

And when this is all over, we are certain that the river can bring new life to a troubled world.

Hoffen ni hefyd dderbyn gwybodaeth yn y Gymraeg. Fe allwch chi fod yn sicr y byddwn ni’n rhoi yr un mor bwysig iddi.